About me? My name is Kool Kila (Keela) and I WAS BORN TO DO THIS (music that is)! How it all started: breakdancing, viola, clarinet, rapping, basketball, volleyball, track, and DJing/emceeing—-all by the time I was 16. By college I was playing piano, still DJing, still rapping, acting in theatre, and playing drums. As I studied broadcasting and journalism, I also began learning MIDI music production.My first job in the biz was radio at KVSP (Oklahoma City), 1994, as one of the first female mixshow personalities ever (following the lead after Cocoa Chanelle, Jazzy Joyce, Steph Lova, Cherry Martinez, midday personality Egypt, and a few others). I received a lot of awards/plaques from labels for breaking new music. I was also a member of the Source magazine’s 5-mic council, attended the first three Power Summits (Mixshow Power Summit back then), and traveled to listening parties/conventions to make the friends I have today.I moved to the ‘A’ in 2001 (congratulations I’m a playa!) and now work at one of the most reknowned and respected indy retail stores here in Atlanta, and in the world— Earwax Records. I also work for one of the most important radio research companies in the industry, Mediabase/Media Monitors.

Be sure to visit my site … www.koolkila.com


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